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Everything you need to know about the collaboration...

Mud and moon is a design studio based out of Ahmedabad. They develop lifestyle products using slow and sustainable ways of living like developing artisanal skin care luxuries, upcycling, natural dyeing and eco printing.

Through this collaboration we explored the traditional cold process soap making. Bringing a luxurious, mindful, healthy and a happy start to your day.

Each artisanal soap is designed very carefully in small batches, handpoured and hand-cut. All of them follow a basic recipe of oils and organic butters formulated in balanced percentages. Each of these ingredient possess a special skinloving property. The essential oils, natural clays, botanical powders and fragrances then follow.

We launched three collections as a part of this collaboration.

Winter Florals: Lavender oil and indigo; Jazmine oil and multani mitti; Patchouli oil and moroccan red clay; Sweet orange essential oil, dead sea mud

Pretty Pastels: peppermint essential oil, indigo; geranium essential oil, rose clay; clove essential oil, chococlate clay; Eucalyptus Oil and French green clay

Zero Waste Soaps: Lavender and geranium oil with coconut milk; Lime and lemon essential oils with coconut shells. These soaps are made from left overs of all other soaps combined in a base!

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