"I always thought someone should do something about that … then I realized I am somebody". - Lily Tomlin.

“As a kid raised in the 90’s in India, upcycling was a deeply rooted tradition in most middle and upper-middle class families. Every garment was cherished and every piece lasted more than we hoped. We were simply not so wasteful and everything was less disposable as everyone had much lesser money to spend. It was a good time for earth.” - Kriti Tula, Co-Founder Doodlage.

“To boost production of textile and agriculture in order to increase employment during industrialization and producing goods at cheapest most desirable rates for the rest of the world, we stopped accounting for the natural resources and careless disposal of hazardous waste. This made fashion cheap and affordable but we are all paying the cost of it today.” - Paras Arora, Co-Founder Doodlage.

We at Doodlage, Upcycle factory waste into short limited edition collections. Recycle post consumer waste and post cutting scraps  into new fabrics to create season-less well finished garments made for longevity. What we waste is segregated and converted into accessories, soft furnishing products and paper to make our packaging or stationery products. All our pieces and fabrics are made with ethical production units and our packaging is designed to be plastic free. 

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