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Nellie Knife Pleat DressNellie Knife Pleat Dress

Nellie Knife Pleat Dress

Rs. 4,860 Rs. 5,400
Blake Blue TunicBlake Blue Tunic

Blake Blue Tunic

From Rs. 4,800

Made From Scrap

Laptop Sleeves

Textured Fanny Pack


Textured Fanny Pack

Rs. 3,800

Beautifully handcrafted, textured fanny pack with leather belt.

Our accessories are made with dark colored scraps that are collected, separated and paneled back to create our accessories. Fabric application might vary in each piece but the overall look and feel of the piece will remain the same.

  • Width : 6"
  • Height : 15"

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Look Good

At Doodlage we aim to create seasonless merchandise. Keeping comfort and versatility at the centre of our designs. Most of our pieces are excellent travel companions or a great product for an all day wear. Connect with us to repair or alter your Doodlage products, let us help you extend the life of each piece.

Feel Good

When you shop at Doodlage, you invest in a better standard of living for our artisans as we work with fair wage units. You invest in reducing our landfills as we upcycle fabric waste into limited edition collections. You invest in scaling the use of recycled material reducing the impact on our natural resources. Now that’s something to brag about!

Do More

Put your money in the kind of world you want to see. Invest in social and circular enterprises to create a long term systematic change by the power of your consumption. Always opt for quality over quantity. Turn your outfit inside out to ensure a good finish, read the label and invest biodegradable material, natural fabrics or recycled and upcycled garments. Wash less and sun dry as much as possible. 

100% Recycled

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Flower-Power Notebook


Flower-Power Notebook

Rs. 320

Our notebooks are made by recycling scrap fabric from our production units into paper. Handcrafted with love and precision!

  • Material : Recycled paper
  • Length : 7.5"
  • Width : 5.5"
  • Size : 32 pages ( 200GSM)

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Gift Card

Invest in our gift cards and help us support our workforce in the times of covid-19.

With all retail and delivery channels working with minimum operations our cash flows continue to take a hit. We need to raise money to cover salaries for our artisans who are our lifeline.

Gift these cards to a friend or save them for yourself. It will mean a lot to the family you support!

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