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Article: Creative Ways to recycle your old clothes

Creative Ways to recycle your old clothes

Creative Ways to recycle your old clothes

Many times, we look at the old clothes that have been stuffed in our wardrobes and think about what to do with them. We neither want to let them because memories are attached to them nor want them to remain as it is. Apart from this, there is an environmental value to consider. The overconsumption of clothing is stuffing our landfills and affecting our overall environment. You can reuse your old clothes. You must have heard about the process of recycling. There are so many interesting ways suggested by Doodlageone of the best-recycled clothing brands, to up-cycle or recycle your old garment that you will be amazed by the ultimate result. Have a makeover of your wardrobe through some creative recycling cloth ideas.

Easy Recycled Clothing Ideas 

Instead of throwing your clothes into the bin, zero waste fashion brands advise you to think of reusing and recycling them. Ideas to recycle your clothes:

  • Old jeans into coasters

Denim coasters made from your old pieces of jeans are a great alternative. You can easily turn your old jeans into table coasters which are easy to clean and make. Thus, your jeans can work perfectly as a household staple. 

  • Men's shirt into a shirt dress

For a stylish look, zero waste fashion brands recycle men's shirts into shirt dresses. You get a super fashionable dress by upcycling men's oversized shirts. Besides, you can create a designer dress out of it for a casual look. 

  • Old Shawls into cardigans

By following just some simple tips, you can transform your extra or old shawls into stylish cardigans. You can also make an ethnic jacket from your old shawl, as it looks great for festivals. Choose some bright colors for a charming effect on your outfit. 

  • Men's jeans into a Skirt

You can get a new denim skirt without shopping. You may be wondering how? Just go with reusing old denim to make a denim skirt. You only need two pairs of jeans with extra fabric to make a skirt, and add the ruffle at the bottom of the skirt. 

  • Reuse your scarf into a top

A scarf is also reusable. You can easily make a fancy top out of an old scarf in many ways. Without spending extra, you can create this style all by yourself. That top made from a scarf suits best for beach and cocktail parties. 

  • Stylish dresses from old sarees 

You can reuse your old silk saree to make a dress-like lehenga choli perfect for festivals. You can as well create an Anarkali with the appropriate measurement and tailoring. Likewise, you can also make a stylish dress like a skirt and a tunic from a saree. 

  • Create a tote bag with a t-shirt

Upcycling a t-shirt to make a bag is a good way of reusing your old dress. With the correct fabric, it is definitely a low-cost recycling idea. You can use that new tote bag which is easily washable, to carry groceries, books, and other items. 

  • Turn your hoodie into a two-piece cloth

Another recycled clothing idea from one of the best recycled clothing brands is that you can transform your oversized hoodie into a two-piece clothing. Cut your big hoodie into two-piece with the correct measurement, and wear them for home workouts. 

  • Simple old top into fringe style

This clothing recycling tip is popular in fashion and used by many zero waste fashion brands. Take any of your simple t-shirts, and cut them like the fringe style from the bottom upward. To get a more stylish look, add a lace pocket to it. You can also create a trendy halter top from your loose and a racerback t-shirt which is perfect for a casual get-together.


There are multiple recycled clothing ideas to apply to your old clothes. Besides this, donate your old clothes to a charitable organization which is a noble way of reusing your old cloth for a good cause. You can even make use of your old cotton t-shirts for household cleaning. If you are not into creating innovative things from your old clothes but like to have one, then you should go to the online site of Doodlage, one of the best recycled clothing brandsIt is an organization that pledges to use only recycled material for production purposes. Everything at Doodlage is made to be zero waste and handmade using factory waste and recycled material.

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