Doodlage x Lyfcycle

Doodlage joins hands with Lyfecycle to resolve the ever-pressing issue of plastic pollution. This powerful partnership aims to revolutionize Doodlage's packaging game by integrating Lyfecycle's cutting-edge self-destructing technology into our fashion garment bags. Together, Doodlage and Lyfecycle aim to inspire the fashion industry, encouraging the adoption of circular materials that not only work in perfect harmony with nature but also safeguard our precious oceans from the relentless onslaught of micro-plastics.

Lyfecycle's mind-blowing self-destructing technology offers a genius alternative to the conventional garment. Not only does it facilitate recycling during the bag's useful life, but it also provides a much-needed Plan B for the 32% of plastic that manages to escape the circular economy, winding up in our fragile natural environment. Through a remarkable process known as "biotransformation," garment bags crafted with Lyfecycle technology transform plastic into an earth-friendly wax. This wax then entices fungi and bacteria that recognize it as a food source, returning it to the earth within a mere two years, leaving no trace of toxins or microplastics behind. Talk about nature's ultimate vanishing act!

As the first fashion brand to incorporate Lyfecycle's self-destructing technology into our packaging, we take the "who made my clothes?" movement to the next level. This incredible collaboration aims to shed light on the hidden costs of the fashion industry, educate others about the existing solutions, and empower them to make sustainable choices through our daily actions. It's a powerful statement, reminding us that transparency is key and that the future of fashion lies in our hands.

And that's not all, in the coming months, Doodlage and Lyfecycle invite all the creative minds, fashion enthusiasts, activists, and other forward-thinking fashion brands to join them in a series of captivating online and offline events featuring industry experts. It's not too late to rewrite the future of fashion, where style and nature seamlessly merge in a harmonious coexistence. So let's unite, ignite the change, and pave the way for a fashion-forward world that's as kind to the planet as it is to our closets.

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