The Process: Doodlage X Oceedee

OCEEDEE joins hands with Doodlage to launch their first conscious collection, Maalin handcrafted by upcycling leather offcuts to reduce contribution to the landfills.

The collection is an ode to the conscious women who care and have culled ideas of change and sustainability, by cultivating conscious homes and businesses with true passion, despite the challenges faced to create and sustain them.

The seed for this collection was sown with Oceedee’s Offcut Project, where we took a breather to analyse and understand the waste produced during the production process of footwear. Our products are handcrafted and hence we have a finer control of waste minimisation, we still discovered that 15% to 20% goes to waste during the production of one batch of shoes. 


The collection draws inspiration from Charbagh, a highly structured geometrical scheme of landscaping, where a four-part garden is stitched into one. Aping this concept we explored the technique of patchwork pleating, which is fittingly grafted into the collection. The quadrilateral symmetry of the charbagh is well reflected in the oblong forms and sharp silhouettes of this collection. 


The entire collection has been developed from the leather offcuts collected and segregated in our workshop.
Both the brands have partnered together to create a conscious packaging too. The dustbags for this collection is made of upcycled textile waste.

Shop the collection here.

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