Colour with Care: Doodlage's Blueprint for a Sustainable Holi Celebration

As the festival of colours approaches, it's the perfect time to contemplate how we can infuse our celebrations with eco-friendly hues. This year, we've embarked on a mission to collect the most vibrant, yet earth-friendly Holi ideas from some truly inspiring individuals. The insights we've garnered? Absolutely revolutionary for anyone eager to paint their festivities green!

Celebrations With a Heart for Nature

Ravneet from @haryali_by_cherie, living in harmony with the nature, shares a beautiful perspective: "True celebration is low-impact." They ensure their Holi festivities are gentle on the environment, utilising either homemade colours or fresh flowers.

- Spinach for Green: Boil spinach leaves to extract a vibrant green colour, perfect for a lively splash.

- Indigo Flowers for Blue: Crush indigo flowers or use powdered indigo leaves to get a rich, deep blue hue.

- Marigold for Orange: Dry and powder marigold flowers for a sunny, cheerful orange.

- Hibiscus for Magenta: Dry and crush hibiscus flowers to create a bold, beautiful magenta colour.

- Coffee for Brown: A strong brew of coffee can give you a deep brown colour, ideal for earthy tones.

- Pomegranate for Pink: Boil pomegranate peels or juice to get a soft, subtle pink.

Let's transform our kitchens into a playful colour workshop this festival!

Shivani’s Eco-Friendly Holi: Compassion and Colour

Shivani (@kahaniwalishivani) shares a simple yet profound approach to celebrating Holi: prioritise compassion. She stresses the use of homemade, natural colours and garden flowers, ensuring our festivities harm neither the planet nor its animals. Highlighting the plight of street animals during Holi, Shivani urges us to protect them from the dangers of careless celebrations. Let's make this Holi safe and joyful for everyone, embracing Shivani’s call to celebrate with heart and mindfulness.

Sonika's Eco-Friendly Holi Mantras

Stepping in with some stellar advice, @sonikabhasin encourages us all to:

1. Champion Organic Plant-Based Colours: They're not just safe for our skin but also for the earth.

2. Say No to Water Balloons: Let's keep our water play light on the planet.

3. Embrace a Dry Holi: Who needs water when you have the laughter and joy of loved ones around?

4. DIY Sweets: Homemade goodies or those carried in our own containers make for a sweeter, waste-free celebration.

Let's Paint a Greener Tomorrow

With these brilliant insights, we're not just ready to play Holi; we're prepared to transform it into a celebration that's as kind to the planet as it is colourful. From crafting our own eco-friendly colours to making conscious choices about how we play and feast, this Holi is set to be a testament to our collective commitment to sustainability.

So, how about you, Doodlage fam? How are you planning to add a splash of green to your Holi celebrations? Share your eco-friendly tips, tricks, and colourful moments with us. Together, let's make this Holi a vibrant, joyful, and sustainable festival for everyone.


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