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Article: 7 Things You Should Change In The New Year To Support Conscious Fashion

7 Things You Should Change In The New Year To Support Conscious Fashion

7 Things You Should Change In The New Year To Support Conscious Fashion

As they say, the beginning of the year is always the perfect time to set new goals and resolutions to make way for a better version of yourself. The same goes with your wardrobe! Whether it’s a long-overdue cleaning session or a major style revamp, there’s no better time to start making choices that affect positively on our planet.

Perhaps the most important thing on the list is to make the new year of conscious fashion choices and by conscious, we mean choosing sustainability in the way you dress up. Whether it be through thrifting, recycling, upcycling old clothes, or buying from sustainable clothing brands, there can't be a better feeling in the world than knowing that you are doing your part in slowing down the effects of fast fashion. 

The fashion industry has a significant impact on the environment and the lives of those who work in it. According to the researchers, fast fashion accounts for about 10% of the Global Carbon Emission and nearly 20% of the world’s wastewater. All these figures signify the impact on the environment that fast fashion is making.

Below we list out seven things you can do to support conscious fashion and bring a change in the new year:

Don't Throw Out Your Clothes

As we start investing more in fashion there is more waste to take care of. Most of our garments are handed down to house help or stay in our wardrobe under utilized. Without a proper system of collection and circulation most of these products eventually end up in landfills, where they sit for years and release hazardous gasses into the environment. 

Some things that all of us can do to avoid this sad destination of our beautiful clothes: 

  • With a bit of imagination and creativity, you can repair or even redesign a torn garment.
  • Swap your clothes with your friends, family, neighbors, or donate some to the ones who need them.
  • Sell them on websites like phirlo that accept second-hand clothing or to thrift shops. 
  • Some clothing shops take back used clothes from their own brand or even from other brands. You can put them in the textile recycling bin at H&M or connect online with Collected products are sorted and resold, recycled or downcycled based on condition and composition. 
  • Upcycle old clothes into bags, scrunchies, masks to create something new out of the old instead of throwing it out. 

Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

No amount of fast-fashion trends that are bound to fade can beat the timeless, high-quality clothes designed to withstand the test of time. Why choose a dress that you’ll wear only once if you can buy a timeless staple that you can wear through every season.

Cheap clothes may satisfy your thirst for the bandwagon at first, but you'll doubt your shopping choices once the trend goes off. Timeless pieces from Doodlage and other sustainable fashion brands, on the other hand, will give you the benefit of convenience for their wearability all year round. They are planet friendly and act as great conversation starters! Most sustainable brands offer repair and alteration services to help you maintain your products. 

Shop Secondhand

Buying secondhand clothing not only saves clothes from ending up in a landfill, but it also supports the circular economy. This means that clothes are kept in use for as long as possible, reducing the need for new clothes to be produced.

Here are a few shops we love: 

  • Phirlo
  • All things preloved
  • Bombay closet cleanse
  • The Vintage
  • Paradime Thrift
  • Curated Findings

Invest in sustainable brands

Look for brands that use alternate materials such as hemp, recycled material, tencel, cupro and many others. Brands like Doodlage are the best sustainable women's clothing brand as we use sustainable material and work with ethical manufacturers. We use materials from natural or recycled fabrics that require significantly less to no chemical treatment, little water, less energy and no fertilizers or pesticides to grow. These environment-friendly fabrics go easy on the planet and are amazing sustainable alternatives. 

Buy Clothes That Last More

Fast fashion is often made with poor quality materials and construction, leading to clothes that fall apart quickly. By investing in clothes that are made to last, you'll save money in the long run and reduce the number of clothes that end up in landfills.

Support Local Brands

Supporting homegrown brands not only helps to keep traditional craftsmanship alive, but it also helps to keep the money in the local economy. You can also meet the artisans and understand about their materials and processes, and be sure about their environmental impact. A less traveled product reduces overall carbon emissions produced by that product.

Repair, Reuse and Upcycle

Before you throw away a piece of clothing, think about whether it can be repaired, reused, or upcycled. Simple repairs like sewing on a missing button can extend the life of a piece of clothing. Don’t hesitate to take your old pieces down to a small tailoring shop in your neighborhood or support the alteration person in your local market. Upcycling, such as turning an old shirt into a bag, can give new life to an old piece of clothing.

By making these changes in the new year, we can all do our part to support conscious fashion and make the fashion industry more sustainable. Remember, small changes can make a big difference!

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