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Article: 5 Things to Stay Conscious of This Holi

5 Things to Stay Conscious of This Holi

5 Things to Stay Conscious of This Holi

Holi, the festival of colors, celebrates the beauty and vibrancy of colors in our life. This most colorful festival in India is all about sharing joy, love, enthusiasm, and fun in our everyday mundane lives. People enjoy this festival by applying colors to each other and preparing special cuisines for the day. Since time immemorial, the celebration is the essence of a festival. But at the same time, it is important to be environmentally conscious, like opting for sustainable dresses India from Doodlage while celebrating. It is time to celebrate all festivals including Holi in a responsible manner i.e. in an eco-friendly and more conscious way. 

With changing times, a lot has changed about this holi festival and its way of celebration. Now, most people use chemical-based colors which are rampantly available in the market, water balloons, and plastics in a lot of numbers which is harmful to us and the environment as well. What about celebrating Holi more consciously? Let’s have a mindful Holi this year to add more colors of delight to your celebration. This blog will share about five ways to stay conscious in celebrating Holi this year.

5 Things to be Mindful of This Holi

Holi is a vibrant and joyous festival that brings people of all ages and backgrounds together. The festival of colors is celebrated with great enthusiasm and vigor, but it's important to keep a few things in mind to ensure a safe and enjoyable celebration. Here are five things to stay conscious of this Holi:

1. Water conservation 

Water is a precious resource and should be used judiciously. Holi is often celebrated by drenching each other with water, but we must be mindful of the amount of water we use. In many parts of India, water scarcity is a pressing issue, and excessive water usage during Holi can exacerbate the problem. According to a report published by NITI Aayog report, Delhi will run out of groundwater in the coming years. Another study by the NGRI found that groundwater levels in the major cities of India are depleting at a shocking rate. This means we should not waste water in Holi mindlessly. All of us should use it in a limited amount. Using natural colors is a good way to avoid wasting water as cleaning natural colors is easy. Also, think of celebrating a dry Holi to save water. So, let's celebrate Holi responsibly by using water sensibly and avoiding wastage.

2. Wearing Sustainable Clothing

Another way to stay conscious of this Holi is to wear sustainable dresses India that are not only comfortable but also eco-friendly. Sustainable clothing is a conscious and responsible choice that not only supports ethical fashion but also reduces the environmental impact of textile production. With the evolving consciousness regarding ethical and eco-friendly fashion, the fashion industry has seen a remarkable shift towards sustainable means of production, like women's designer dresses online made of handwoven and handspun fabrics. They are now available in a variety of silhouette styles and design detailing, especially for Holi. Tips for wearing sustainable clothing during Holi:

  • Opt for organic cotton 

Organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides, making it a more sustainable and eco-friendly option than conventional cotton. Choose clothes made from organic cotton for the festival of Holi.

  • Go for natural fibers

Clothes made from natural fibers like linen, hemp, or bamboo are biodegradable and sustainable. They are not only comfortable but also durable, making them ideal for Holi celebrations.

  • Wear recycled clothing

 Recycled pieces of clothing are sustainable dresses India option that reduces waste and promotes circular fashion. You can wear clothes made from recycled materials like plastic bottles, old fabrics, or even discarded denim.

  • Buy from sustainable brands

 Many fashion brands like Doodlage are committed to sustainable and ethical practices. Look for brands that use eco-friendly materials, follow fair labor practices, and minimize waste in their production process.

  • DIY your Holi outfit

You can create a unique and sustainable outfit for Holi by DIYing. You can upcycle old clothes or add colorful patches and embroidery to create a personalized and sustainable outfit.

By opting for eco-friendly clothes and supporting sustainable brands for women's designer dresses online, we can celebrate Holi while also protecting the planet. Let's make sustainable fashion a part of our Holi celebrations and promote a more sustainable and ethical way of living.

3. Eco-friendly colors

Holi festival is all about colors. But many cheap synthetic colors available in today's market contain harmful chemicals that can cause various issues like irritation in the skin, and eyes, hair problems, allergies, and even long-term health implications. Unfortunately, because of affordability, people buy these colors. So, you should think of using eco-friendly colors made from natural ingredients like henna, turmeric, flowers, and beetroot which are safe for the skin. Prefer using natural and homemade colors over chemical colors that can be washed off easily. Also, washing off these chemical-based colors is very difficult. Natural colors do not cause any harm to your body. 

It would be a good idea to make your own colors for Holi. A simple recipe to create non-toxic, natural colors using easily available ingredients:

  • Mix dried henna powder with flour to make the green color.
  • Blend turmeric powder with flour or cornstarch to produce the yellow color.
  • Mix red sandalwood powder with flour to produce the red color.
  • Blend the indigo powder with flour for the blue color.

Mix them with water to create a paste and apply them on each other's faces and clothes during the Holi celebration. These natural colors are safe, eco-friendly, and gentle on the skin.

4. Things to do with post-Holi clothes

After playing Holi, your clothes may have stains of colors and chemicals that may be difficult to remove. Even after trying if you cannot remove the colors by washing them and do not want to wear the clothes, donate them to a charitable organization, or go for recycling. Or you can think of repurposing your post-Holi clothes by using them as cleaning rags or turning them into a bag.

5. Skin care remedies at Holi 

Playing Holi with colors can be harsh on your skin. You may follow these easy skin care remedies that you can make at home using easily available ingredients to soothe your skin after playing Holi:

  • Cucumber and Rosewater

Grate half a cucumber and mix it with 2 tablespoons of rose water. Rinse with cold water after leaving it on for 15-20 minutes. Cucumber helps to soothe and hydrate the skin, while rose water reduces redness and irritation.

  • Turmeric and Yogurt

 Mix 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder with 2 tablespoons of yogurt to create a paste. Rinse with lukewarm water after applying. Turmeric has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help to reduce inflammation and redness, while yogurt helps to moisturize the skin.

  • Aloe Vera and Honey

 Mix 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel with 1 tablespoon of honey. Aloe vera has soothing and cooling properties that can help to reduce inflammation and redness, while honey has antibacterial properties that can help to prevent infections and soothe the skin.


Holi is a festival of colors and togetherness. Be mindful of your surroundings and ensure a safe environment for everyone. By being mindful of these five things, like sustainable fashion in choosing women's designer dresses online from Doodlage, we can ensure that the celebrations are not only enjoyable but also safe and responsible. Let's celebrate Holi with the spirit of love and respect for each other and the environment. Happy Holi!

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