This pandemic has been harsh on most of us. People miss going out with their loved ones, meeting new people, exploring and living life freely.

But it's important to stay positive - find a hobby, learn to cook, explore good music. We asked around and got you a list of top 10 things to do to cope up in quarantine.

Here are 10 ways in to stay sane during quarantine :-

1. Help as many people as possible
This is a good time to take good care of yourselves and to be kind to others. We all need to come together in this time and continue to check on loved ones, friends, teammates, roommates, and classmates.You can also donate to organisations working for covid relief.

At Doodlage we have decided to donate 100% of our profit to Covid relief. So, you can also shop for a cause while keeping the planet green.

2. Read and Write more
Use your time to gain knowledge and express yourself better.

3. Meditate
Take care of yourself and relax. You can refer to channels like Tara Brach, Great meditation, Meditative mind for great meditation.

4. Work out
Chemicals released in our body during and after workout make us feel happy and help us stay healthy.

5. Cook
Try out new dishes with the help of apps like Supercook, Cookpad, Kitchen stories Recipe, etc.

6. Learn something new something you wanted to learn for a long time
Now when we have extra time at home, we can use this time to work on our extra curricular skills which we always wanted to develop.

7.Draw/ Get creative
It can be an adventurous journey of finding your hidden talents.

8. Learn to compost
By making a compost you can easily decompose all the organic waste generated at your home into simple organic and inorganic compounds.
You can do it with very easy steps demonstrated in this video -

9. Plant more trees and learn to take care of them
Take care of the environment. Plant as many trees as you can to help earth stay green.

10. Clean and organise the house
Make sure you keep you living area clean and organised.A good ambience uplifts your mood and makes you feel relaxed.

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