Say Hello To Fashion Bye Bye To Textile Waste With Upcycled Label Doodlage

Keen to reduce fabric waste and the environmental impact of her label, Kriti Tula has designed Doodlage as a hip, ethical fashion brand.

No two doodles are the same, and chances are no two Doodlage pieces are the same. With the conversation on social media revolving around climate change and the impact our lifestyles have on it, it’s not surprising that youngsters are coming up with savvy solutions. Many millennials have come up with their own line of upcycled/recycled goods that are good for the environment. The environment-conscious band includes Delhi-based Kriti Tula. Kriti launched Doodlage, a fashion and lifestyle label that sells upcycled products, in 2012. She was only 23 years old then and had taken her first step towards entrepreneurship after she witnessed the mammoth piles of textile waste and rejects during her internship at an export house. Since then, Kriti and Doodlage have popularised the idea of upcycling to create chic fashion.


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