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Article: Doodlage x Mercedes

Doodlage x Mercedes

Doodlage x Mercedes

What was this collaboration?

Mercedes-Benz India launched their first made in India EV - EQS and invited Doodlage to curate a show to launch this product in India. 

Things to know about the vehicle - 

The components in the EQS, which are manufactured resource-efficiently using recycled and renewable raw materials, already weigh more than 80 kilograms.

The floor coverings are made of regenerated nylon. One ton of this innovative yarn saves more than 6.5 tons of carbon compared to virgin material.

Soft furnishing of the vehicle is made in bacterial nanocellulose based on fungal mycelia which looks and feels like leather. But is more resource-efficient to produce, are animal-free, and is biodegradable.

The high-performance cell chemistry contains nickel, cobalt and manganese in a ratio of 8:1:1. This has already cut the cobalt content to about ten percent. Ecologically, the reduction of the cobalt content in battery cells is an enormous advancement. 

Mercedes-Benz has been working on this industrial process, in which batteries are dismantled, refurbished and again made fit for use in e-cars, since 2010. All in keeping with the high quality standards of Mercedes-Benz and with its own patents, of course.

85 percent of the materials in all Mercedes-Benz passenger car models is recyclable. A total of 95 percent of a vehicle is recyclable at the end of its life cycle.

About the show - 

The launch took place in Jio convention centre, Mumbai and was live streamed for nationally. 

Theme of the show - Thrift-Venture

10 years back when we were thinking about creating Doodlage by upcycling and recycling industrial waste associating with one of the key luxury defining brands in the world 'Mercedes-Benz' would have been a crazy thought. Conversations around sustainability have come a long way since then; today mass, premium to luxury brands are all finding ways to incorporate sustainable solutions, bringing various stakeholders of sustainability closer together. 

For the show we dressed each model as a character walking out of a thrift store with layers of upcycled and recycled clothing. The highlight of the show was Kareena Kapoor Khan as our show stopper in our recycled cotton jumpsuit!

Here is a glimpse of the show: 

BTS mercedes EQS launch show India - Image 1

BTS mercedes EQS launch show India - Image 2

BTS mercedes EQS launch show India - Image 3

BTS mercedes EQS launch show India - Image 4

BTS mercedes EQS launch show India - Image 5

BTS mercedes EQS launch show India - Image 6

BTS mercedes EQS launch show India - Image 7

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