Decathlon Collaborates With Homegrown Brand, Doodlage, To Upcycle Customer Returns


French sports goods retailer Decathlon has tied up with Indian sustainable brand, Doodlage, to restore, repair or upcycle customer returns in a bid to reduce waste from its stores.


As a part of the collaboration, Decathlon’s Bengaluru store at Brigade Road now includes a segment dedicated to “repaired products”. This comprises products that have been upcycled or repaired by Doodlage using garment waste and customer returns from the store.



 “We had pitched for the 'second life project' last year to reduce in-store waste tackling consumer returns and store defectives by repairing, upcycling, and finally reselling the products,” the co-founder of Doodlage, Kriti Tula, said in a statement about the collaboration. “Repaired products on sale include t-shirts, accessories, swimwear, and sports goods. The initiative reflects Doodlage’s own values as the brand uses textile scraps to create its signature relaxed, tactile designs,” she continued.


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